Experienced digital insurance consulting

Experienced digital insurance consultingExperienced digital insurance consultingExperienced digital insurance consulting

create a consumer-direct and agent ecosystem

About Forest lake

Our Experience

Very few life insurance executives worldwide have built a direct-to-consumer online life insurance experience from the ground up. Even fewer are in a position to leverage this experience to benefit organizations that are deciding whether adding a direct to consumer distribution capability can be a strategic fit.

Forest Lake can help life insurance companies create an environment where direct to consumer and agent distribution can coexist in a contemporary, digital ecosystem. This ecosystem can drive organizations forward and attract new, younger customers while respecting the role of traditional distribution.

Our Approach

Ask the right questions. Discuss the current and desired environment. Recommend approaches that meet short term needs while assuring long term growth.  Leverage industry-savvy expert external partners. Build an execution plan with your internal team.  Track, measure, adjust.

Why Us?

30 years of life insurance distribution experience.  Three years of grinding out a "pure" direct to consumer capability with talented internal and external team members.  Integration with sales contact centers and agency distribution. Plus, Forest Lake is a strategic partner of Sureify, one of the leading end-to-end digital platforms built specifically for life insurance and annuity carriers.